Have you ever stopped to think just why it is you believe what you do about romance, dating, and how to find women the old-fashioned, traditional, conventional way? It’s because, like anyone in our world, you’ve been taught to think like that. You’ve been conditioned, if you will. From the first moments you were aware of what it means to be romantically involved with someone, to believe that there’s a very specific reason to date, and a very specific order in which to do things. This traditional model of dating, this conventional means of meeting women, gaining their trust, going out with them, and eventually bringing them home for romance, in the short term or in the long term, has been inflicted on you by a society that doesn’t actually care about you, the man. Everything about traditional, conventional dating is geared toward making the woman’s life easier. It’s built around making her happy, making her feel special, and treating her as if she is the only person in the world. In all things, it is the man’s job to be subordinate to her. If she is not happy, he is not happy, and his happiness is irrelevant to the equation.

Is this the world you want to live in for the rest of your romantic life? Or would you like to find another way, a better way? Would you like to finally take control of your dating life? Well, you may be thinking you can do that if you try Internet dating. This has been sold to you as the better option, as the best new way. But it’s not, because it’s really no better than the old way of dating. What’s that? You thought it was an improvement? That’s because you were meant to think so. Rebecca Fontain is a far better way of dating than any Internet dating method you’re likely to find. The nature of that superiority is found in the nature of professional escorts. Rebecca Fontain is a breed apart, a cut above, something special, because she is a professional entertainer and am not an amateur woman. She know how to take better care of a man than any non-professional woman can or will, and it all starts because I represent a means of breaking out of the traditional man-and-woman paradigm of traditional, conventional dating. Let’s talk a little bit about what that means, because it’s extremely important. We have already touched on it on this website, but it bears emphasis because it is so different from what you’ve been told your romantic life should be about.

Remember, I’m talking about all this in the context of Internet dating. So many people believe that they can improve their chances of meeting someone by using an Internet dating site. On the surface, it seems almost logical. After all, it would take a lot of time and physical resources to meet and reach all of the women, in person, that you can meet on an Internet dating site. That’s the draw, after all. There is no way to apply a “search engine” to real life people the way there is to apply to searching on an Internet dating site. So men come to these sites thinking that maybe they will increase their chances of finding successful romance by increasing the pool of women they have to choose from. The old fashioned way of dating and meeting people is even slower, after all.

You’ve got to drag yourself out to clubs and bars, try to get women to notice you, buy drinks for them, chat them up, get shot down for what seems like time after time, and generally do your best to get a woman to have a conversation with you. This is a process that is painfully slow, and it also does nothing for your confidence and self-esteem. You’ll find you get shot down again and again. Some women, in fact, even make a sport of shooting down guys, especially if they can do it in front of their girlfriends. That’s why it’s harder to approach a woman who is hanging out with a big group of their friends. Often, an attractive girl’s less attractive friends will try to cock-block you just because she’s the kind of miserable old hag who can’t stand to see her prettier friends meet a man when she has no chance of doing so. And that’s something about Internet dating that we’re going to have to address. It’s not particularly polite to say it, but it’s true, and that is that Internet dating is where ugly women go to find dates.

Think about the women you know. Most of them, if they are reasonably attractive, have no trouble at all finding men who will go out on dates with them. All they have to do, really, is say yes, because at any given moment there are any number of guys orbiting them who would be more than happy to finally get a “yes” from this girl. A woman like that doesn’t spend her time filling out Internet dating site profiles, because she’s got better options. She doesn’t have to meet strangers. She can pick from the pool of men she knows any time she is feeling like she wants some companionship, and she knows that we live in a world where if she doesn’t want there to be strings attached, there won’t be. That’s the power that attractive women, even women who are only moderately attractive, all seem to have in our society. They are in the driver’s seat and they know it. So why would a woman go to an Internet dating site? She goes there because she’s desperate to find a man, and she knows that the Internet dating site is one way she can hide her problems, her issues, or her deficiencies from potential dates.

That’s why so many of the women on Internet dating sites are so very ugly. Most of them are fat and disgusting, because they are the desperate ones. And the thing of it is, men outnumber women on dating sites by so much, that desperate men will often lower their expectations accordingly. They’ll start treating these fat women like the women are special, and those women will develop attitudes that really belong on much more attractive women. They’ll start replying selectively to their messages… and where does that leave you? Taking a lot of attitude and not getting much else from a bunch of unattractive women who, if they were in a club, would never get the time of day from most guys, even the guys who don’t have a very high opinion of themselves. When you look at the photos on my website they are 100% genuine photos of me, and you compare these top-shelf, photos to the profile pictures on an Internet dating site, you’ll quickly realize that I am this good, you are getting one hundred percent quality all the way. You are never settling for less with me. You are always getting the company of a woman who is very much worth your time and money because she’s so much better than the average you’re going to get out there… and leagues and worlds away from the garbage you’ll find on an Internet dating site.

But, let’s just say for the sake of argument that you’re determined to make the whole Internet dating thing work. Well, the first thing you’re going to have to do, friend, is empty out your wallet. You may think that hiring the time of a beautiful, professional Rebecca Fontain escort expensive. The thing is, when you look at it in the context of all the money you’ll spend on the old-fashioned dating process, it suddenly doesn’t look like that much money at all. You’ll shell out all kinds of money just setting up your account and getting yourself a premium membership, something you’ll have to pay every month unless you’re willing to pay an even bigger fee all in one lump sum for a year’s worth of membership, or maybe even for three months at a time.

But how do you know you’re going to be paying for that dating site a year from now? If the site worked, wouldn’t it make no sense to be paying for a membership a year at a time? It’s like they actually expect you to fail, and that should tell you something about their business model. Strictly and honestly put, you can’t trust Internet dating sites, because if they really did what they say they do, they would be out of business! If every member who signed up for the site, or even just a significant percentage of members, found someone to be with quickly and easily, then those people wouldn’t pay for memberships for very long. Yet that’s not how the dating sites approach their billing model, is it? It’s as if the fix is in… and they know that a year from now, two years from now, or three years from now, you’ll still be single no matter what you try to do. Isn’t that sad? Isn’t that unfortunate?

So you know right from the outset that they’re trying to get you locked in and paying, not trying to find you a woman for romance and fun. And you know also from the outset that the quality of the women you’ll be finding will be very poor, especially compared to the quality of woman I am Rebecca Fontain Escorts, so much better than the “amateur” women who desperately seek companionship on sites like that, because I know the score. I am confident, I am self-assured, and I know how to show a man a good time. But okay, you’re determined to go the Internet dating route still? Well, that means you’ll have to wonder if everyone who contacts you is even a real person. That’s right: There are a number of tricks that Internet dating sites use to keep you interested and keep you paying. After all, if you paid your monthly membership, month and month and day after day, for an entire six months or a year, and you still had no dates and no activity to show for it, you might be tempted to give up and stop paying. The dating sites don’t want that, do they? So they employ a variety of cute little computer tricks to make you want to pay for your membership. One of the most obvious of these is locking down non-paying memberships in terms of the features offered.

In other words, the dating sites will stop you from being able to check your messages, or check out people or profile flirting with you, unless you pay for a membership. They may limit how you write back or respond, or how others contact you (or whether you can contact them) based on profile status. And some of the trickier sites will even generate spam messages to your account, making you think you have messages that you need to check from people who are interested in you. That’s how they get you to keep paying for your membership, by making it so you can’t see those messages until you have paid up. And a lot of the sites are actually generating fake interest from fake accounts. One famous hookup site even had algorithms that pretend to chat with guys. That’s right: The computer was talking to these horny men, making them think they were flirting with an eligible young lady, when in fact they were simply talking to a sophisticated computer program. That particular site got hacked and it was determined that there were almost no active female members on it. There were just a bunch of desperate guys who were being bilked out of their money in hopes of actually meeting someone. It was all very sad, and a demonstration of just how inferior Internet dating is when compared to dating Rebecca Fontain.

So you’re paying out big bucks for an Internet dating site membership, but chances are good you’re not getting your money’s worth. The dating pool of eligible women is inferior, made up of unattractive pigs who are really just desperate to find men, and your fellow Internet dating site participants who are male are just desperate and letting themselves be fooled. Does this sound like a formula for romantic success? It’s definitely not, compared to myself Rebecca Fontain Escort. Rebecca Fontain escorts are the best you’re going to find, and far superior to this type of madness. But if you still insist on trying, think about what your Internet dating site membership is going to get you.

First of all, in order to make the Internet dating thing work, if that’s what you can call it, you’ve got to try and get a woman’s attention. That means sending messages and trying to chat with women on the site. The better sites will tell you how likely it is that someone will reply to you. Imagine how it must feel to be looking at a woman who is only a 5 out of 10 who nonetheless “replies selectively.” Yet that is what you’ll be dealing with when you do the whole Internet dating thing. And we guarantee that when you send messages to these women, you are just one man out of hundreds in the sausage festival that is the typical Internet dating site. These women can afford to pick and choose. Even if you’re a good choice, even if you have plenty of qualities that would make one of these women want to read your message, how will they notice it in the slurry of all the hundreds of other messages they have waiting for them every time they log in? The Law of averages is simply against you. You’re going to get lost in the shuffle, in the background noise of all those other men trying to get their attention. What this most often looks like is that you send message after message, and instead of being rejected, you just never hear from anyone at all. It’s just a big, awful silence. Eventually, you’ll give up because you won’t be getting any results. That’s human nature, after all. Why would you simply keep beating your head against the wall, day after day, when you’re not actually making any romantic connections for your time and your trouble?

Right now you might be thinking, “Okay, that’s the downside to Internet dating, but knowing that, I can just choose a better site or app, like a hookup site.” Well, let’s talk about hookup sites while we’re at it. These have been presented as the next big thing in Internet dating. They do have one thing going for them, although they still don’t hold a candle to my own personal Rebecca Fontain website. I am and always will be better than trying to meet someone randomly, but let’s dig into it a little bit: When you use a hookup site, you’re basically saying you want to meet someone with the anticipation of something immediate and romantic with them. You’re choosing a photo at random and then trusting that the person who shows up will actually be who they say they are. You don’t know anything about them. They’re not professionals. They’re not vetted in any way. But you’re just going to jump into something romantic with someone when all you know is a few lines of text and that you thought their photo was hot enough to swipe in the correct direction? Honestly, that strikes us as pretty dangerous. We’re not sure how many of these hookup site dates go horribly wrong, but it has to be a fairly significant number of them. Yet there are so many people who think meeting amateurs, even possible psychos, through a hookup app is an acceptable step above Internet dating!

There is only one thing that hookup sites do that is better than traditional dating, and that is that they are not traditional dating. You don’t want a hookup site or some hookup app randomly installed on your phone. You want a professional entertainer whose background has been vetted and who has been trained in how to treat you properly. There are no guarantees when you meet an amateur through a hookup site. You don’t know what you’re getting, you don’t really know how they will behave, and there’s really no guarantee that you aren’t being set up from the get go. You’ve probably heard about people who meet through Craigslist or Backpage who then get harmed in any of several ways. Is that really how you want to conduct your romantic life… to say nothing of the kind of risky personal behavior in which people who use hookup sites are likely to engage? It just isn’t a good trade-off when you consider that the alternative, booking the time of a beautiful and professional Escort like myself, Rebecca Fontain.

I offer you safety on my escorts, a guarantee of satisfaction, and high quality. Instead of settling for whatever you can find or attract, instead of going through the painful dating game process that is Internet dating, you can just contact me, book the young woman you want to spend time with, and then have me show up promptly for the time and location that we two  have agreed on. Nothing could be simpler or easier… and yet the guarantee you get is so much better than the one you might get under almost any other situation, bar none. That is to say, there aren’t any guarantees when you date through any other means. This is the difference that Rebecca Fontain escorts offer, and this is why you should consider booking the time with a beautiful young woman today. Get things rolling right now and there’s no limit to how wonderful your life can become! It’s all right here for you, today, right now.



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