I am completely committed to discretion and the protection of your privacy. That commitment to protecting you and helping you to relax starts when you contact us for the first time. I will never reveal to anyone that you contacted me. I will never share that contact information with another living soul. That means I don’t sell your email to a third party mailing list, and you’ll never have to worry about getting any spam from me. But I also don’t share your information with anyone else. I expect the same etiquette in return.

You don’t have to worry about any of that when you work with me. Your romantic life, and how you choose to date, is entirely your business. My company is legal and I take great pride in that, but I also know that you don’t necessarily want your family and friends to know the ins and outs of your private life. I am skilled and experienced at keeping your confidence.

Me and my team are very serious about discretion and privacy. I don’t keep anyone on staff who can’t maintain a client’s privacy. This is the respect I have for you. I know that you can’t relax and enjoy yourself to the fullest if you are worried about your personal information. That’s why I work so hard to protect it. I store nothing that could get “hacked” . The way I see it, your Rebecca Fontain escort experience is entirely your business. My business is making sure you are satisfied, and I am very good at it. You can always count on me to protect you and to respect you. Use my service in complete confidence.


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